Premium Products for All of Your Lawn Care Needs

We supply all-natural, high-quality products perfect for any job.



Yard Works has Richmond’s largest selection of high quality mulch, produced locally by our manufacturing and recycling division. We offer double-shredded, premium hardwood and pine bark mulches in various sizes and designer colors. One cubic yard of mulch will cover an 80-square-foot area at 4 inches deep or a 160-square-foot area at 2 inches deep. For help in deciding exactly how much mulch you need, … Continue reading

Master Blend Soils


Yard Works produces Virginia’s finest soils by mixing them with just the right amount of organic humus. Humus is the organic growing part of soil and determines the quality of topsoil that you are buying. You can choose from Organic Growing Media, Master Blend Turf Mix, Master Blend Bed Mix, Screened Top Soil, Specialty Bio Filtration and Retention Mixes, and even soils made to your specification. … Continue reading

Decorative Stone/Boulders


For all of your walkway, driveway, flower beds, water features and other landscaping projects around your home, Yard Works has what you need to get the job done. We stock a large assortment of gravel, decorative stone, landscape boulders and sand, perfect for at-home as well as commercial jobs. From pea-sized gravel to gray stone to slate chips to terracotta, Yard Works offers a huge … Continue reading

Playground Surfacing


Each year, more than 200,000 U.S. children go to hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playgrounds. Most injuries occur when a child falls to the ground from a piece of playground equipment. Many injuries can be prevented by providing a protective ground covering and mulch is one of the accepted products to help cushion the fall. Yard Works has a wide variety of mulches, … Continue reading

Turf Seeds & Erosion Control

Yard Works Grass Seed

For back yard gardeners or professional landscape contractors on-the-go, we have the seed, fertilizer and erosion control products needed for any job at all of our Yard Works locations. We stock: Triple Threat Tall Turf Type Seed (50lb bag) Quick Start High Traffic Seed (50lb bag) Starter & Plant Food Fertilizers Bailed Straw VDOT Approved Silt Fence (36in X 100) with Stakes Weed Fabrics (3ft … Continue reading

Filtrexx GardenSoxx


Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs right in your backyard! Yard Works is a certified manufacturer of Filtrexx™ GardenSoxx®. These easy-to-use mesh growing systems are a breeze to maintain and add beautiful, professional effects to your landscaping. They also provide for an efficient, small-scale drip irrigation system that slowly waters plants so there is virtually no water waste. Filtrexx™ GardenSoxx® delivers a compost-based medium … Continue reading

Filtrexx Erosion Control


Yard Works is happy to be Central Virginia’s first certified installer of Filtrexx™, a full product line that provides innovative solutions to erosion and sediment control through the use of organic products custom installed within a mesh FilterSoxx™. Offering a unique, 3-way filtration system, FilterSoxx™ provides a blend of physical, chemical and biological compost that is housed within a mesh bag, creating a barrier that … Continue reading

Small Tools & Herbicide


Yard Works has a diverse selection of small hand tools and gardening supplies at all three of our retail locations for your convenience. Leaf Rakes Soil Rakes 10 & 4 Tine Pitch Forks Weed Fabrics Flat, Spade & Scoop Shovels Hand Spades Tree & Limb Cutters Gloves Bungee Cords Ear & Eye Protection Round-UpTM Herbicides Mulch Magic® (Mulch Colorant)

Nursery Pine Fines


As Central Virginia’s largest producer of Pine Growing Media, Yard Works is proud to offer nursery pine fines in either “green” or “aged.” Popular amongst professional plant growers and backyard gardeners, these pine fines provide the nutritional sources that can reduce fertilizer costs as well as transplant shock. Our pine bark fines are screened to ¾ inch or smaller. We can also accommodate certain specifications … Continue reading